Thank you!

IHartHarvest, Inc. - The Potato Project : "When it comes to thanking donors, small and medium-size organizations may not have the resources or opportunities for elaborate expressions of gratitude for it's sponsors."

As for we, are no exception, but; "The 'second' most important thing we'll do here, is say Thank You." Thank you to those who care and donate stewardship funds, those who run events to help fund what we do, those who provide land for use in our program, those who donate the seed potatoes, fertilizer, cover crop seed, and the like, to those who farm the fields and crops, those who come help at Seed Potato Cutting in the Spring, to those who come and help with harvests, and to those who help in the Hospitality Tent and provide food for Volunteers. To those who thank us for what we do for them. To those who accept our fresh grown food for distribution - all for local hungry neighbors in need - past and present. To God who provides the mechanism that we may choose to serve, and provide a blessing on Him by our action through Jesus Words, by the power of the Holy Spirit in this Diaconal Ministry Service. If it is the smallest prayer we can say, Oh God, "Thank you," Amen - so be it done. -WaltZ