Harvest 2023

IHartHarvest, Inc. – The Potato Project - In 2023

   What Happened From The Field 

Summation of fresh grown produce numbers in 2023 Harvests, all donated to local hungry neighbors in need.

For 2023, with 6 week Spring drought and second 'snowless' Winter, Fresh Produce from the Field we did:

• Peas & String Beans: 6,020+ pounds (3 Ton)

• Potatoes: 76,118+ pounds (38+ Tons)

  Combined total:  82,138 pounds (41 tons) in a difficult weather year, all donated for local hungry neighbors in need.

In the Sustainability Project; Field Corn is under harvest now.  Cob Corn is done. The old Combine was commenced at The Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center and Process Masters fields, and completed.  -/WZ


IHartHarvest Inc. Volunteer Report for 2023 Season

April 2023 Weekend Seed Potato Cutting 4/22 & 4/23: 

A total of 75 folks helped cut the seed potatoes over these 3 sessions in which 15,000 pounds (&.5 Ton) were prepared.

• Saturday 4/22 at Becker’s ELC- 30 onsite walk in volunteers

• Sunday 4/23/ at Becker’s ELC - 11 onsite walk in volunteers

• 34 Volunteers @ St. John’s LC Boyertown event 4/23

Autumn  2023 Harvest Sessions

A total of 337 volunteers from 12 churches, businesses and community organization helped in the field harvest. Two Group Session Rain-outs occurred.


• 20 volunteers attended to field management across all harvest sessions

• 33 volunteers attended to the Hospitality tent functions across all harvest sessions. -/LSZ


Seed Potatoes were all donated via Ed Shenk of Weaver's Ace Hardware and Fertilizer for Potato Planting was donated by Albright's Mill, Gary Wessner Family! Land use granted by Patrick Donmoyer KH Heritage Center, Dave Owen Process Masters, B&V Noecker, M. Lenhart, W&L Zawaski, and Becker's LC Cemetery Board.

Sustainability Project 

Field Corn: ($3,969 thus far 11/23)

It should be noted, Lenhart's field was lost for 2024 as was sold. HC 15Acres, W&LZ's 1Acre (was idle), Noecker's 4 Acres (Scheduled for idle), Owen 1.75Acres, and Lenich's +2Acre Plots (Idle) remain in the program.

All to help local hungry neighbors in need.

Well Done Everyone !

Kennebec Seed Potatoes were provided by Ed Shenk of Weaver's Ace Hardware Fleetwood!   Please frequent WEAVER'S ACE HARDWARE!

Partial Fertilizer for the potatoes was provided by Albright's Mill, Gary Wessner & Family, Kempton!   Please frequent ALBRIGHT'S MILL!