Patrons '22

Our Patrons, Making A Difference - enabling the food projects to happen for neighbors in need in 2022, and beyond.

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Help Us Change the Lives of Children, Families, The Elderly, Veterans, & All Those In Between.

   Each year, IHartHarvest Inc. helps in providing food for neighbors in need to share between some 250,000 children, youths, families, veterans, and adults. In addition, our venue provides a hands-on way to live out the words in scripture through participation in hundreds of volunteers locally and regionally. Your charitable aid helps our food projects to change the lives of even more local neighbors who find themselves hungry and in need. During 2022 we will attempt our largest expansion of food projects since 2011, realizing the String Bean Project  Visit: The Campaign Page Please help!



Date Received

Stewardship received to date:    $ 46,325.81

Toward 2022 Expense Budget:     $65,584.00

(For Bean Harvester Purchase - we are operated at an overall loss in 2022.)