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Information typically requested; (Effective for the year as of January 1, 2016, on.)

From time to time, organizations may desire specific information about IHartHarvest, Inc. for the purpose of Contribution or Grant Process. To expedite this stewardship, we hope that needed information is provided sufficiently on this page. As always, we can be contacted to answer and questions or to provide additional information on request. Thank you. - Walt Zawaski, IHH Executive Director.

  • Organization Name: IHartHarvest, Inc. We are commonly referred to as the potato project.

  • IDs: Pennsylvania Domestic Nonprofit Corporation 5306. FEIN#: 45-3537296, DUNS#: 45106166

  • Contact: Mr. Walt Zawaski, President

  • Executive Director: Walt Zawaski

  • Deputy Director & Diaconal Minister: Linda Zawaski

  • Address: C/O: 1892 Moselem Springs Rd., Hamburg, PA 19526

  • eMail Address: ihartharvest@gmail.com

  • Telephone: 484-648-0381

  • Description of Organization and Programs: A unique ministry outreach addresses local hunger issues, from Berks County PA USA. We grow and produce free food given to neighbors in need, using stewardship donations, provisioned land use, equipment, and volunteer labors. We are all volunteers of the community coming together to help fight domestic hunger.

  • Area / region primarily supported: Primarily but not limit to the counties of Berks, Schuylkill, Western Montgomery, Northampton Counties, and Allentown, in Southeastern Pennsylvania, U.S.A. (In growth; the Mid-Atlantic Region.)

  • Sponsored by the United Way or any other agency: No.

  • Federal Tax Exempt 501(c)(3): Yes. - IHartHarvest Inc. is a Pennsylvania Domestic Nonprofit Corporation 5306, and a 501(c)(3) United States of America IRS Federal Tax Exempt Public Charity as of June 6, 2014 effective retroactively from October 7, 2011, filing 990-N Federal Tax Status to date. FEIN: 45-3537296

  • Typical yearly budget to provide minimal services: +/-$42,000.00

  • We will accept: Normally any amount of stewardship donation, and additional funds help to expand the project. Our stewardship funding is provided in donations by members and residents of the greater community. We have not been provisioned with any endowments to this time.

  • We are not affiliated as: a PA EITC approved program.

  • Number of people we estimate to benefit: 29,200 families, or 81,760 persons. (Last calculated estimation, 2015.)

  • Primary category as classified: Health and Human Services

  • Deadline to receive funding: None

  • Name of project: IHartHarvest, Inc. (Commonly we are referred to as the potato project.)

  • How contributions are utilized: Contributions go to providing all aspects as necessary to sustain the organizational efforts and to produce fresh food, which is all donated to local hungry neighbors in need through approved agencies including local food pantries, meal providers, and the Greater Berks Food Bank who redistributes accordingly likewise. We are currently all volunteers organized and banded together to perform this community benefit and service.

  • Awards: GuideStar Member. The project has received the Greater Berks Food Banks "Jim and Anna Connors Volunteerism Award" two times from 2009. Our own volunteer and Board Member Mr. Paul Lilienthal was awarded recognition from the Pennsylvania LAMPa Ministry for his outstanding works active with IHartHarvest Inc., the potato project.

  • Advertisements and/or Logos: which may accompany any contribution are accepted, published, and/or displayed as deemed appropriate. This may be submitted in and by any or multiple medium.

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