Consent Release


IHartHarvest, Inc. - The Potato Project – C/O: 1892 Moselem Springs Rd. Hamburg, PA 19526


Anyone who participates in any IHartHarvest, Inc., activity acknowledges and accepts this Agreement by and in appearing at the event(s).

Obfuscation of this Agreement is not permitted. Obfuscation does not invalidate this Agreement or any part, of the original copy as stored. This Agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement, and supersedes all prior negotiations, agreements, and understandings with respect thereto. This Agreement may only be amended by a written document duly executed by all parties.

I as a volunteer understand that participation in IHartHarvest Inc., The Potato Project activity offered by IHartHarvest with Walter and or Linda Zawaski, and any Sponsor or Agent, involves a certain degree of risk, and take full personal responsibility for myself and my own personal care, and that I maintain acceptable status in criminal and child abuse background checks, and indemnify IHartHarvest Inc.

I have carefully considered any risk involved and have given

_____THE/AS PARTICIPANT___________, my (if minor circle; son/daughter/guardant),

my (Print Name of Participant)

consent to participate in this activity with their accompanying/group/Sponsor.

Sponsor: ___EXISTING SPONSOR or SELF_________________.

Print Name

_______I AGREE AS APPROPRIATE________________.

Sponsor Signature

Photographs, films, video or audio tapes

I grant the permission to use photographs, film, video or audio tapes of me or my group performing volunteer work for any purposes the as deemed appropriate.

Volunteer Code of Conduct

IHartHarvest, Inc. (IHH) is charitable non-profit organization dedicated to providing food to the charities that feed the hungry. In an effort to maintain a high standard of conduct expected of the Greater Berks Food Bank with respect to its volunteers, the following Code of Conduct is applicable to all volunteers of IHH, whether volunteering at IHH, any agency location or event.

No volunteers shall:

(A) Authorize the use of or use for the benefit or advantage of any person, the name, logo, endorsement, services or property of IHH;

(B) Accept or seek on behalf of any person, any financial advantage or gain of other than nominal value offered as a result of the volunteer’s affiliation with the IHH;

(C) Disclose any confidential IHH information that is applicable solely as a result of the volunteer’s affiliation with IHH to any person not authorized to such information, without the express written authorization of IHH;

(D) Possess or use alcohol and or/illegal drugs (or be under influence thereof) when involved in IHH event;

(E) Use abusive, obscene, and discriminatory language at any IHH activity or event;

(F) Engage in any direct personal attack or harassment (visual, verbal or physical) on another person;

(G) Behave in a way that is illegal, unsafe, or contrary to the highest standards or ethics

All volunteers shall:

(A) Follow all Safety Guidelines;

(1.) Volunteers are personally responsible for and to follow all Covid-19 protective action according to the CDC, and Local Authorities.

(B) Dress appropriately. No provocative or offensive apparel will be permitted;

(C) Volunteers are requested to arrive promptly for their volunteer assignments, or notify the volunteer coordinator in advance if they are unable to come in at their scheduled time. This will allow IHH to plan for your absence or to contact other volunteers.

All parties and participants, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless IHartHarvest, Inc., Walter and or Linda Zawaski against any damage, loss, threatened loss, or expense by reason of the liability or potential liability of anyone for or arising out of any claims for damages, and or any harm, including extent of an unexpected event or breach of the contract or intention, what-so-ever. Participation in this activity validates acceptance of any and all terms and or conditions. This agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Any litigation which might occur under this Activity and Agreement shall be resolved in the trial courts of Berks County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

This form should have parent/guardian signature as appropriate:

_________________________________________ __________________________________________.

Name(s) (Sign & print.)