Rain Outs

What if'n it's rain'n?

Rain-outs on your scheduled Harvest Day Time Slots

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Doing this picking in a constant rain is no fun, being muddy – which is not a good thing at all, wherein people can fall, get hurt, get run over, later get sick, get stabbed by a potato fork, or as claimed an accident of being hit in the head with a shovel by their respective pastors, as a result of rain and mud, again this is not good, not good at all. Laying puddles in the field is usually a good sign we'll "rain-out" even if it's not raining today but it did last night.

Ergo, when your day approaches, according to your “open the window sash weather forecast” and assessment, if the Weather Channel for Fleetwood PA 19522, says 45% of higher chance of constant rain in your picking time slot, IE: in the AM, or PM respectively, then potato picking might be a “no go” for your group, I’d suggest. But one just can't tell. We've canceled in the past and no rain came. And we've dug, and it rained. If you're come to a large Group Day, likely at 40% and above we will cancel due to the large amount we have to pre-dig to accomodate the event. For Small Group Days at 40%, plan on coming and dress appropriately, most likely.

Ultimately I let this rain-out judgment call, at that time, individually up to each of you as the colts-head of your respective groups, to make and to contact us and your peoples as well. I, am unusually supportive and cooperative, and albeit very all-weather because I have my own rain gear in this, but would not even consider that volunteer “hired help” as the scripture goes, would be as hardy as me. But mud is still not a good thing. I hate the mud. I hate farming in the Spring in the mud. I hate farming and cropping corn in the fall hurricanes in the mud. I don’t like the mud. I hope I haven’t muddied-up my feelings about this to you. Most of our project fields are high and will drain rather well, fairly quickly, in reference to previous over-night normal rain events. AKA: showers versus long term down blasts for hours. So this former condition would likely be OK for muddying-along picking potatoes, the next clear time of no rain (your time as appropriate).

I also really do realize how hard it is to gather people and make scheduling, of your availability, and your peoples commitments. And you have no idea how much I have appreciated your coming forward and each your voluntary commitment and your peoples time being put toward this project end. Really. That being stated, I also would understand if you rain-out your harvest date, an inability or desire to reschedule. Really. If you decide to rain-out, and cancel rather then postpone, or push your time slot forward a few hours that same day, let me know ASAP.

Thank you. /- Walt Zawaski

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