Budget 2023

Expense Budget 2023 Operations

Stewardship donations continue a down-trend

2023 Budget REVISED: +/-$48,000.00

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Preliminary; Expense Report  2022

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APPROVED: The 2023 Expense Budget to the Board of Directors at the January 21 Business Board Meeting showed reduction of almost 35% from 2022, continues constrained operations, and was approved for 2023. This consideration is due to 2020 through 2022 available stewardship donations. At this writing it is anticipated: 7-8 Acres for potatoes (1Sacre increase), and 6 Acres (1 Acre increase) in early Snap Peas and String Beans for food crops.  We look forward to any affordable lead for consideration on an available Sweet Corn Harvester for expansion of the projects offerings. Additional land for use, prior to final Spring commitment is desirous, to help continue and support our food crop expansions, with and for the Sustainability Project. 

-/WaltZ, President IHH

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