Get Produce

How to get foods from us

1.  A) Traditional way; bring a Group for a Harvest Session, help with harvest, bag what you need, and transport in your provided vehicle(s). IHartHarvest, Inc. (IHH) cannot and does not offer delivery to your site. B) Clearance for your provisioned charity must be completed with our Deputy Director prior: Linda Zawaski 484-648-0381. 

   (Group SignUp Link: )

2.  Notify IHH, how many bags you would like, after 1.B) above, bagging at the next harvest session can be accomplished by registered Harvesting Group(s), and readied for you to pick up and transport.

3.  Notify IHH, of Bulk Bin(s) you would like, after 1.B. above, and at the next harvest session Harvest Group(s) can make ready for you to pick up, we’ll load, on your transport. 

Potatoes are available as:                      (Carrots are typically available in bulk, in crates of various sizes from the field WHEN AVAILABLE.)

a.  In 5 pound mesh bags , as individual, you must load and handle. 

b. In Bulk Bin on Pallet, weighing about 850 pounds more or less of potatoes. You need to be able and have proper equipment to handle this bulk package, which can be loaded into/onto your suitable transportation. Plastic Shuttle Bin 1,100 pounds+/- and smaller Black Bin about 367 pounds.

c.  In 5 pound mesh bags in Bin on Pallet, which can be loaded into/onto your suitable vehicle. +/- 200/Bin/Pallet.

d.  In 5 pound mesh bags wrapped on a pallet, which can be loaded into/onto your suitable vehicle. +/-140 bags, or less as you desire.

Note that: Produce foods are picked directly from the farm field, and no preparation or commercial cleaning is completed. This is farm field fresh produce - there is residual dirt involved. You accept that IHH is will not be held responsible for any damage(s) to person and/or property, such as an accident to your transportation. You will indemnify IHH from any event whatsoever. 

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