Harvest 2020

IHartHarvest, Inc. – The Potato Project - In 2020

What Happened From The Field in 2020

Summation of fresh grown produce numbers in 2020 Harvests:

  • SWEET CORN: 6,590 Pounds

  • POTATOES: 65,871 Pounds,

with 1 Bin Sugar Pumpkins and 3 Bins of Butternut Squash

+/-72,461 Pounds Total - Harvested and Donated

  • This harvest being valued at: $ 55,070.36 @ $.76/pound.

  • We reached a calculated 13,000 families, being 32,500 souls in the region with that circulated harvest in 2020.

  • 229 Volunteers came to help in the Covid-19 era season of 2020. Down from 632 Volunteers in 2019.

  • Harvest of Field Corn and Soybeans help start the 2021 Budget Season which is our 13th year of charitable operations.

Well Done Everyone !

Kennebec Seed Potatoes were provided by Ed Shenk of Weaver's Ace Hardware Fleetwood! Please frequent WEAVER'S!

Fertilizer for the potatoes was provided by Albright's Mill, Gary Wessner & Family, Kempton! Please frequent ALBRIGHT'S!