Background Checks

Free Background Check

It is needed for Regular Project Volunteer Workers to have completed their Background Checks to work around youth as Leaders.

Volunteering in this program has this legal requirement. You must pass the FREE State Police background check. The Report of Criminal History from the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP), is FREE for volunteers and only takes 10-15 minutes:

Make sure you click on NEW RECORD CHECK (VOLUNTEERS ONLY) to get the FREEbackground check

After you complete this check, you will need to maintain and send The Project copies of the verification they give you to provide.

Child Welfare Portal | PSP PATCH |

FBI Fingerprint Record Checks are additionally required for all employees and for any volunteers who have not lived in PA for 10 years. This is done through IdentoGo. When you seek an appointment for the fingerprinting and to submit your background information, you will need a “Service Code” in order to complete the information.

Volunteer should use the DHS Volunteer Code – 1KG6ZJ [that last letter is a cap J…it is hard to tell next to the Z]

Employees over 14 years of age use Code – 1KG756.

For more information on any of this, click here to find a full listing of the codes and pdf files that will let you know what information you will need when seeking a fingerprint appointment.