Harvest 2021

IHartHarvest, Inc. – The Potato Project - In 2021

What Happened From The Field in 2021

Summation of fresh grown produce numbers in 2021 Harvests, all donated to local hungry neighbors in need:

  • POTATOES: 100,005 Pounds,

Good weather conditions were experienced for planting and growing the potato crop this year. Overall the harvest season is considered as one of our best.

Our capability reached a calculated 20,000 families, being the potential of some 50,000 souls in the regional distribution with that circulated harvest in 2021. It should be noted, we were able to begin potato harvests with the automated potato harvester in August prior to Group attendance, elongating the harvest distribution window to Helping Harvest potential family units.

  • This harvest being intrinsically valued at: $75,003.80 @ $.76/pound.

  • 131 volunteers came in April over two days to help cut Seed Potatoes for the 2021 Planting Season!

  • 324 volunteers came to help with Harvest for Potatoes in Fall. 89 volunteers were in the KU Session, our largest in Fall 2021.

  • 455 Total Volunteers in all came to assist at the project in 2021 for local hungry neighbors in need.

  • Harvest of Field Corn in 2021 helps start the next Budget Season, 2022 is our 14th year of charitable operations. $16,107.37 was rendered in support of the project. Combined, being shelled Conventional Corn, from Dave Owen’s Process Masters, and Patrick Donmoyer’s KU Heritage Center fields went to Harlan Burkholder’s Mill in Kutztown at a premium price. Cob Corn from Tom Lenich’s Plot of Maxatawny Auto Kutztown, and Bob & Venie Noecker’s Plot went into Gary Wessner & families Albright’s Mill LLC of Kempton at good spot price.

All for local hungry neighbors in need.

Well Done Everyone !

Kennebec Seed Potatoes were provided by Ed Shenk of Weaver's Ace Hardware Fleetwood! Please frequent WEAVER'S!

Fertilizer for the potatoes was provided by Albright's Mill, Gary Wessner & Family, Kempton! Please frequent ALBRIGHT'S!