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Start a Potato Project

 Project Potato Basics, as we see it.                                                                                       Rev.:1.5a1    

What is needed:

Everything is to Scale to the Size of the Operation, including Funding.

Equipment Stages, to Scale:

What is IHartHarvest using today, in 2017, after 9 years?

We have expanded over the years, starting in our backyard with 1 acre in 2009 costing $618 at startup already having some small equipment, to an overall 60 acres and a $43K budget by 2017. We do 8 acres of high density planted potatoes, 1 acre of sweet corn, 2 or more acres of carrots, and onions, tried watermelon, and cabbage. We would like to expand with machine automation to more acres of sweet corn, add string beans and peas, as well as becoming successful for other seasonable produce, timed to harvests, as well as doing field corn which contributes to our sustainability funding and crop rotation needs. All for local neighbors in need.

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