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IHartHarvest, Inc. Board of Directors 

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2.  Mr. Walter J. Zawaski, Jr., - Moselem, PA. Board Member, Board Term duration: Jan. 27, 2028.

3.   Diaconal Minister Linda S. Zawaski, ELCA, - Board Member,  Named: Deputy Director  of Company by President, Term: Jan. 27, 2028

4.   Ms. Karen Unger-Pollock, Douglassville, PA.  Board Term duration 2028.

5.   Mr. Paul Lilienthal, - Moselem, PA.  Board Member, Term duration: Jan. 31, 2026.

   Board Membership Requirements (but not limited to);  To be considered for Board Membership, as a United States of America Citizen, residing in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a) be aware of the minimum Board Member Duties, b) submit the completed Board Application (Board Application.pdf) along with your  Resume'  (business resume' suggested)  to the current Chairperson of the Board of Directors for consideration, c) attend a Business Meeting of the Board prior to consideration,  d) and be interviewed. As consideration of your application to be approved, your application will be submitted to the Board of Directors for deliberation and interview, toward application vote approval.

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