Harvest 2022

IHartHarvest, Inc. – The Potato Project - In 2022

What Happened From The Field in 2022

Summation of fresh grown produce numbers in 2022 Harvests, all donated to local hungry neighbors in need (Totaled 76,083 Pounds):

  • POTATOES: 67,675 Pounds (Total Produce for the seasons - 76,083 pounds)

This total harvest weight, and potato size, was down from our typical by some -20,000 pounds, and way off our record of 267,000. But, I noted that the taters were curiously more round then oblong shaped, and rather nicely market sized - hum.

The early harvest time completion was noted by the speed of the harvest, finishing in the month of September. And I took steps and did a better job at minimizing field loss this year - good thing. Checking around, seems everybody I talked too was sorely down in harvests as well. I had to cut fertilizer due to a large increase in price, and there was both spectrums of the rain weather, temps, and drought which cut standing unit weight late in our crop season. Though, insect infestation was light, above and below ground - thanks for that.

Distributions went to Helping Harvest Food Bank for Berks and Schuylkill Counties, as well as some other local direct use entity efforts, and pounds into the greater Allentown area.

String Bean Project

  • 8,408 Pounds in Sugar Snap Peas, Green Snap String Beans and Yellow Wax String Beans.

      • Purchase of the new/used String Bean Harvester was completed to harvest the String Beans and Peas @ $24,050 provided for harvest.

Sustainability Project ($7,005.22)

Field Corn: 410B u. Lost a lot to deer damage and drought.

Conventional Soybeans: Estimate 260.5 Bu. drought.

Volunteers Total: 508 during the year

Spring Seed Cutting - 104

Potato Harvest Sessions - 372

Hospitality Tent - 32

All to help local hungry neighbors in need.

Well Done Everyone !

Kennebec Seed Potatoes were provided by Ed Shenk of Weaver's Ace Hardware Fleetwood! Please frequent WEAVER'S ACE HARDWARE!

Partial Fertilizer for the potatoes was provided by Albright's Mill, Gary Wessner & Family, Kempton! Please frequent ALBRIGHT'S MILL!